Sunday, December 2, 2007

What Do College Football and Figure Skating Have In Common?

Answer: both determine their champions from the whims of "qualified judges."

Macho football-dudes love to gush about "walking the walk" and "letting your game rise to the occasion" and how"champions are made on the field." But in reality, their beloved game's champions are determined by judges and computer scoring, just like that girliest of girl sports, figure skating.

Witness last night's machinations on the various college gridirons across the nation. The number one team in the land, Missouri, was beaten handily by the number 9 team, Oklahoma, for the second time this season. How did Missouri become #1 in the first place?

Now we're told that L.S.U. and Ohio State will play for the mythical National Championship. Oklahoma, despite beating the "number one" team in the nation, will probably have settle for a Fiesta Bowl invite.

It's not unlike Oksana Baiul versus Nancy Kerrigan, is it not?

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