Thursday, December 13, 2007

Available For Your Next Corporate Retreat

It's Jimmy Reagan!!

According to his web site, Mr. Reagan is "known for his excellence as a Producer, Singer and Songwriter," and he has "established his own style and brand of Music..."

(He should call it "Reaganomix." Get it? "Mix?" As in "mix" of musical styles?)

Hurry and book him now! Wedding Season is filling up!

Pay 50% down, and he'll unfasten two more shirt buttons, ladies!


Weezie said...

I bet he wears lots of cologne.

grizzard said...

"Brut," by Faberge?

"Old Spice"

"Hai Karate?"

maybe he's more contemporary, i.e. "Drakkar Noir."

Weezie said...

Not sure of the brand of cologne, but I'm certain he gets it at Walgreen's.