Thursday, December 6, 2007

Music to Recommend

That new Robert Plant/Alison Krauss long-player, Raising Sand, is pretty impressive!

I thought the poor guy's voice was totally roached, but wait a minute -- he's still got it!

The harmonies between these two are exquisite. Who'd-a thunk?

My favorite song? "Please Read The Letter." Sure, it lasts a minute or two too long, but it sounds completely fresh, yet as old as a can of rusty nails.

Maybe he can't shriek and wail like he used to, but he's matured into a great song stylist.

And what's with Alison Krauss these days? She's transformed herself from looking like the shy girl you might throw up on at Church Camp into a bluegrass pin-up girl! Va-va-voom!! Twenty-three skidoo!!

1 comment:

Weezie said...

At least his face looks appropriately like a shar pei and not a piece of Tupperware.