Thursday, December 13, 2007

Psst... Rumor Has It...

...all of us on "The Street" are getting fat bonus checks this Christmas!

We really didn't have a stellar year. In fact, my firm had to write-down close to a quarter-billion dollars (thanks to all those mortgage-stiffs). But we still hit our revised performance targets, per the compensation committee (those are some great guys, b.t.w). My bonus won't be as fat as last year's, but it's still going to be pretty sweet, at least according to Mukesh on the 58th Floor! Chew on that, Dad!

Mood: Pumped!!!!!!

I'm not sure what to buy first:

(a) that Porsche Boxster I've had my eye on;
(b) An original Nagel print of a naked lady;
(c) A pool for our house in Connecticut. The wife (what's her name?) and my sons, "Me," Junior and The Runt would really groove on some splash!
(d) a completely-refurbished, arcade-original "Galaga" for the rec room in Boca.

And, don't worry, I'll also give a couple of Hamiltons to the Missing and Abused Something-or-other Fund!



Anonymous said...

Sheer genius, Mooie. I laughed raucously, esp. at the boyz names.

Weezie said...

I bet little "Me, Jr." is all boy.

grizzard said...

Ladies, I see you're with me on this one. Greed is Good!