Thursday, December 13, 2007

Steroids: The Breakfast of Champions

Is anyone surprised by the Mitchell Report on steroid use in baseball?

Barry Bonds suddenly has a moral leg to stand on: why should he be expected to face a juiced pitcher without a lil' bit of the ol' H.G.H.* himself?

I'm not sure the 'roids help a pitcher throw that much harder; I do suspect they help a 45-year-old like Roger Clemens recover from a start much faster than a drug-free pitcher.

One would think this an easy problem to fix. Why won't the players union agree to aggressive mandatory drug testing? It would be beneficial to their health, after all. What athelete wants a set of tiny, shriveled-up cojones, anyway?

* Human Growth Hormone

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Weezie said...

Shocker: No Pittsburgh Pirates are on the "currently juicing" list. If the Nuttings are too cheap to splurge on players' salaries, you'd think they'd give the boys a boost by springing for a little juicey juice.