Tuesday, December 25, 2007


To: All Staff
From: Kyle
Re: Dallas Franks Car Wreck

As most of you have heard by now, our V.P. of Client Services, Dallas Franks, was seriously injured in an automobile accident last evening.

The details are still sketchy, but I'll share with you what we know:

Dallas and I were discussing pressing matters with the "Wacky Beef Strips" account when I heard a loud crash on the other end of the line. Our connection severed, I repeatedly tried calling him back. When he didn't answer, I attempted to contact him on his BlackBerry 8800; unfortunately, there was no immediate response. This became quite unsettling.

I took quick action, first contacting our agency cellular provider ComZone Pinnacle. They were able to trace the wreckage of his car, and dispatched Lehigh Police to the scene.

Police investigators believe Dallas slid down an icy embankment while swerving to avoid a small brown paper bag on the road. Many of you know of Dallas' fondness for animals; both I and his ex-wife Tracey suspect he swerved fearing he was about to strike either a squirrel or an unusually small tan dog.

Dallas remains in critical condition at Lehigh Regional. Initially, he was totally unresponsive from the neck down, but doctors report he is now reacting violently to bright lights shone upon his face. This is a very hopeful sign, and the team at Lehigh Reg are cautiously optimistic that he'll regain at least partial use of his limbs by the end of 2009.

I intend to visit Dallas in the hospital by end of day tomorrow, after we wrap up the "Lil' Baby Boppers" R.F.P. I urge each of you to do likewise, after normal agency business hours, of course.

While Dallas recuperates from his accident, I would like to announce that I've appointed Wally Chang to be our Acting V.P. of Client Services. Wally brings a broad skill-set to the position, which will serve the agency well during Dallas' long and arduous recovery. Congratulations, Wally!

Stephen Covey once noted that "organizations set adrift by tumult must quickly pull together." His words have never rang truer, and they give us rich insight into the difficult days that lie ahead for this agency.

Please keep Dallas and his family in your prayers.


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