Friday, December 7, 2007

How Much Do We Love This Stuff?

Despite all our outrage at the Omaha Mall Massacre, Americans really love these kinds of stories!

Witness the bugaboo on the internets. To satisfy our morbid curiousity, suddenly we've got security cam pix of the shooter to drool over.

While considering that fact, remember the on-going media blackout on images of the caskets of American troops arriving in Dover, Delaware. The Pentagon strictly forbids these images because they understand public support for that war thing will erode even further if we actually see evidence of American casualities.

By the same token, shouldn't the government black-out coverage of the mall shooter? Wasn't fame one of his motives? Won't budding young surburban terrorists become enamored with these images of a troubled loner carrying out his business?

While we're expressing sadnesss at yet another shooting, is anyone asking why the step-father of a deeply violent and disturbed young man stores an AK-47 assault rifle in his house? Does he need to guard against the large groups of armed marauders threatening Omaha? Or, does ownership of a big gun make him feel strong and manly?

And then the next issue: why is anyone allowed to own a weapon designed to quickly kill large numbers of people in a war setting?

Don't expect much debate on that particular issue -- the N.R.A. has their jackboot pressed firmly on the throat of any politician that dares suggest a ban on assault weapons.

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