Friday, September 28, 2007

“You’ve Infiltrated The Sanctity That Is Men’s Football”

Some follow up to the Lady Reporter vs. Coach story:

Well, the readers have weighed in. While the vast majority of comments posted at the Daily Oklahoman took the high road and merely eviscerated the Lady Reporter for what she wrote, quite a few men (and women) unleashed their full misogyny:

"What do you expect from a girl covering football. She should be fired."

"As for Carlson--I don't know what it is that makes a female want to be a football writer. As a male, I can't imagine writing about things I really know little about like, contests or women's issues. But, as we all know, it's a free country. Why don't you just assign her to write a powder puff football column or stories about the sport from a female point of view--not locker room stuff. She's not qualified."

"Women should really stay off a sports board, I mean really, they only pretend to like sports. A chick has to display intimate knowledge of the game before I'd believe it.."

"She's certainly entitled to an opinion. But, it sure looks like the opinion of a token female sports reporter who has never played an organized sport in her life or had much of a relationship with her mother."

"When was the last time you played college football? I'm not so sure you would jump up and walk it off. I find it disturbing with all of the sports to write about, you go after Reid. I was hoping for something more from a women. Maybe you should try writing about who is wearing what and who is dating who."

"Maybe it's just me, but am I the only one tired of having women tell me their 'think-so's' and so-called 'facts' on men's sports? Don't get me wrong. I love women and see them as equals, but it just seems to be extremely odd to have more and more women commenting on men's sports! It began in the sixties, I guess. I wasn't alive then. All I know is that women have infiltrated the sanctity that is men's football. A MAN'S game!!"

"An adult woman who is supposed to be a professional took cheap shots at a young mans manhood."

"She gives woman sports writers a bad name"

"I am still in high school and I know that if some woman who has never played football or known the pressure and emotional toughness of quarterbacking a team would write the same article on me I would want to have her fired. "

"Send this woman over to the celebrity beat where she can write catty gossip to her heart's content. Then get someone who actually knows and cares about sports to write your sports columns. "

"I think that it is a sad day in America when a "grown" obese woman can sit and judge a "proven" athlete. This is a man who is in school trying to do things right, and you have the audacity to put him down.How dare you! "

"Do women feel that a man can honestly tell them what it is like to have a baby or how much pain they may be experiencing during the birth? When they do, I will listen to a woman's opinion on how a male football player is supposed to "gut it out" and question his level of pain during a game. "

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