Sunday, September 30, 2007

Uh, Yes, Pitching IS Pretty Important...

"When I first came here, I said that pitching is 85 percent of the game. In this division, it might be 90 percent... [g]ood pitching is going to thwart real good teams. It is my belief now that this franchise is really going to have to focus on pitching."

- Orioles President of Baseball Ops, Andy MacPhail

Mister MacPhail, let me correct you: pitching isn't even 90% of the game. It's more like 95% of the game. Baseball is essentially nine innings worth of head-to-head showdowns between pitcher and batter. Give me 4 top notch starters, two powerful relievers, and a few average hitters, and we'll go to the playoffs every year.

Instead, we've just wrapped up our 10th straight losing season.

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