Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This Week in Pit Bull Attacks

Such sweet lil' doggies!

"Pit Bull Attack Victim Speaks Out"
"Takoma Park Considers Ban After Pit Bull Attack on Teen"
"Pit Bull Attacks In Fremont, Hayward Connected, Police Say"
"Women save toddler from pit-bull attack "
"Patrol dog on mend after pit bull attack"
"Pit bull attack claims life of family's beloved dog"


bitbypit said...

The attacks just don't stop do they? They are increasing as well. I like your title, "This Week in Pit Bull Attacks." You could rightfully title it, "Today's Pit Bull Attacks." There are at least 15 major news articles per day nationwide."

dizzy said...

All these people should just getting in the pitbulls way haha. kidding. Anyway its because all these people bring them up for dog fighting and hide it from people and animals. So the dog gets confused and attacks. And even sillyer people that bring them up the same way so it pounces on everyone but the owner. Those silly poeple should just teach their dog a pounce command or something it would take quicker and less damaging on the dog and the owners wallet when it go's and attacks someone.

dizzy said...

so it has completely nothing to do with the dogs but the owner abusing the dogs main traits

Anonymous said...

It has been brought to my attention that you are using my dog's picture without my consent or permission!

You are hearby notified that you MUST remove my picture at once, as this is my copyright protected material.

Furthermore, if you continue to use my dog's picture without my permission in such manner as you are I will not hesitate to seek legal action against you.

It is clueless, uneducated people such as you that have caused public hype that is far from the real facts of this wonderful breed of dog.

Using my private picture of my dog in a negative, untruthful manner that you are displaying him as is illegal and defamation of his character. I demand that you remove my images at once
Karen Brown

Anonymous said...


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Grandmother said...

These are terrible events. Remember when these same type of stories were about doberman pinschers and German shepherds? The truth is that dangerous owners create dangerous dogs. Any dog has a potential for aggression. If owners neutered and spayed their dogs, practices obedience training, never rewarded dog aggression, and kept their pets safely in their own yards or on a leash, these terrible attacks would be even more rare than they are now.

Anonymous said...


barb said...

any PROOF these are pitbulls? ( pictures mandatory) Is this simply a good grabber for those suffering from media induced pitbull-anxiety? There is actually a woman on the Dog Whisperer that suffers from such an affliction.
I have a wonderful, people friendly non-aggressive pitbull and owned 2 more prior to her in 20 years. And you should stop using Karen Browns picture of her fine pitbull. Thats STEALING