Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Must Have For The Lil' Urchins

Fond Childhood Memory: During summertime visits to my grandparent's Appalachian farm, we'd often bust out the ice cream churn for a good old fashioned treat. We didn't use one of those post-modern electric churns, either -- it was all elbow grease.

This interesting unit upholds the same Puritan principal (work, then eat) but turns it into a toy. Kids today have it too easy -- buy this and tell 'em they can have all the ice cream they want, as long as they make it themselves!


johnNokc said...

Dear Curmudgeon -- I turned the crank kind as a kid and I now have an electric one.

I much prefer the electric one. Does this make me a bad person?

(Umm, the ice cream doesn't know the difference.)

grizzard said...


I'll bet you don't clean your own fish or dress your own venison, either.