Thursday, September 13, 2007

Please Explain #3

Why do advertising copywriters promise something "for free?" How much is "FREE?"

Answer: It costs "NOTHING."

Therefore, the phrase should read, "Get A New Thing FOR NOTHING."

Or, if you must use the word "free," just drop the "for." It's already implied: "Get A New Thing FREE."

In this instance, "FREE" is an adverb, not a pronoun! And "FOR" is a preposition. "FOR" is superfluous.

Then, again, maybe I'm wrong. I'm no grammarian. And anyway, in copywriting, grammar is like a Scottish bog -- don't expect a firm footing.

Remember Apple's "THINK DIFFERENT" tagline?

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johnNokc said...

Deedge, you should know by now: it's not English, it's advertising.