Sunday, September 23, 2007

Underachieving Coach Yells At Lady Reporter

After his Oklahoma State Cowboys squeaked by Texas Tech, you'd think coach Mike Gundy would be in a great mood. Instead, he decided to scream at Jenni Carlson, Lady Reporter.

See, the Lady Reporter had the temerity to point out the OSU quarterback's infantile behavior in last week's devasting loss to a lesser team.

Gundy's response? Make sure everyone finds out the Lady Reporter doesn't have children of her own. You see, in his mind, a childless Lady Reporter covering a major Division I college football team is prohibited from criticizing an athlete receiving a state-funded scholarship. Why? Well, uh, hmm... any PARENT would understand!

Gundy describes his poor, helpless QB as if he's an eight year old boy who just found out there's no Santa Claus. C'mon, Mike, give us a break!

Implicit message? Why would a Lady want to write about football anyway, when she should be at home having babies?

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