Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brought To You By The Second Amendment

"HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. -- An auxiliary officer for a local police department was killed when a machine gun discharged at a private gun show in Blair County.

Michael Kurty, 36, of Hollidaysburg, was killed Wednesday night during a gun expo at the Hollidaysburg Sportsmen's Club.
Police said a Gatling mini-gun attached to a Humvee fired a few thousand rounds earlier in the evening before it discharged and released a fatal shot to Kurty's head.

""What appears to have happened is there was some sort of a jam and when they were trying to clear the jam is when the gun actually went off," said Pennsylvania State Police trooper Jeff Petucci."

Well, shucks, at least his family can take comfort in the fact that he died celebrating our freedoms. Those pansy socialist Europeans don't even get the CHANCE to die in gun show accidents!

(Extra credit question: why do we need to have a Gatling gun attached to a Humvee in Hollidaysburg, PA in the first place?)

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