Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's Not Let A Good Thing Die

For those of us who obsess over such minutiae, here's a great presentation on the Toronto subway font, a striking, geometric design, but one that recent station expansion has completely watered down. New stations don't always bother to feature the unique Toronto font. Some feature Gill Sans (descendant font of the London Tube's ubiquitous "Johnston") or (gasp) a poorly-drawn Helvetica.

C'mon, Toronto, you're in the big leagues now -- let's get your typographic house in order!

Click here to read the presentation
Purchase the font here.


Joe said...

Whoops: The TTC typeface is geometric, not humanistic (showing the legacy of a broad-nibbed pen). Technically there aren't any station signs using Gill, only a few vestigial ones at St. George.

grizzard said...

Joe, you're absolutely correct, it's a geometric font not humanist! thanks,