Thursday, August 16, 2007

Press Check on the Orient Express

Earlier this summer I headed down to Ft. Worth to do some printing.

The press does high volume web work (picture ginormous rolls of paper traveling through machines at high speed) and frequently hosts out of town art directors. To make us feel more comfortable, the press has provided two authentic Victorian-era railcars, fully furnished with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths (including showers), and sitting room, and a dining area.

The experience was pretty amazing! The cars are unbelievably narrow to 21st century folk. The main hallway seems barely wide enough to navigate, and the beds are tiny by today's standards, but the richly appointed details make you feel like you're living in high style across the old rails of yore. It's all very Agatha Christie. You half expect to hear a woman scream, then find the body of a gentleman with a knife sticking out of his waistcoat.

The best part? When the pressmen are ready for you, you simply walk across the parking lot and into the pressroom, as opposed to getting a call at your downtown hotel, waiting 10 minutes or more for your ride to the press, then going back to the hotel to wait for the next call.

Enjoy the pix of this truly unique piece of history.

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