Sunday, August 5, 2007

Natalie Gives You Moore

Cami commisioned the talented OC grad, Natalie Moore, to create a large scale painting for her house. Natalie has worked all summer on the painting, and delivered the finished piece last week. It's an absolute stunning piece of work. Natalie's style is developing at an exponential rate. The artist we fell in love with at last October's Girlie Show didn't just create a larger version of that older work; she's taking chances and refining her style into deeply layered and soft organic dreamscapes. Bravo, Natalie!

Click above for a digital snap of the piece; it measures over 6 feet wide.


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Red said...

This piece is just what my Zen room needed to attain its meditative harmony. Thanks, Natalie, for giving me something to enjoy each day.