Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Not What You Play; It's What You Don't Play

"Day After Day" by Badfinger

Here's a great example of musicians exercising restraint.

To wit:
George Harrison guitar solo: not a single unnecessary note!
Leon Russell piano embellishments: not a single unnecessary note!
Pete Ham guitar solo: not a single unnecessary note!

After the second verse, Russell plays a staccato piano line to lead into a soaring slide solo. It's transcendent!

Too bad The Beatles broke up, but at least it freed up George to produce this standout. (I'll need to write more about George in a later post).

After hearing this three-minute jewel literally a thousand times it still feels new...

You hate to use the word "sublime" (it's more worthy of Bach), but for teenage bubblegum music, this gets pretty close.

Ignore the hippies-in-nature video and turn the song up loud.

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