Sunday, August 26, 2007

Please Explain #1

Can someone explain Japan to me?

Unfortunately, I haven't visted (yet), so my knowledge is sketchy.

Here's what I understand:
• Japan is an island
• Before 1900, Japan got all their ideas from China.
• After 1900, Japan got all their ideas from the United States.
• They really, really fell in love with Occidental culture.
• The US boxed Japan into an economic corner
• Japan attacked the US
• US attacked Japan
• US destroyed Japan with the most horrific campaign of violence ever administered to a peoples during war, in the entire history of the human race
• Japan forgave US
• Japan became the #2 economic power in the world, and sells the US most of our cars

Why did Japan so quickly forgive the US for Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the countless other aerial bomb assaults during WWII?

Are the Japanese all about business and progress, as opposed to ideology?

While considering these questions, enjoy some old photos of Japan, when the Land Of The Rising Sun was REALLY rising...

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