Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not Cool.

If you closely look at the life of John McCain, you see story after story of impulsive, hot-headed behavior.

Over a lifetime, he's wrecked five airplanes and one marriage. During the recent economic crisis, he abruptly "halted" his campaign, only to resume it in time for congressional Republicans to defeat the initial bailout package.

He selected a vice-presidential running mate without full vetting, even without fully knowing who she was.

Under pressure, McCain has proven time and again that he's just not cool.

Though I'm sure he's a decent man with many admirable qualities, you must ask yourself: would you want this man to pilot your airplane? Would you want him to run your country?

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Tony C said...

I really felt good about McCain coming out of the New Hampshire primary, but he continues to do things that make me wonder. Palin was the kicker. His VP was a big indicator of his judgement overall, and he laid an egg on that.

R's have demonized Obama to the point that it's hard to wade through the muck. I'm not opposed to a Democratic President, but a Democrat in the White House and Democrats controlling Congress could be bad news. My big thing is if they don't perform...get rid of them. Term limits are badly needed in Congress.

Thoughtful post. Glad to see you aren't one of the 'Kool-Aid' drinkers.