Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Through endless months of campaigning, Barak Obama has proven himself to be one cool customer.

One by one, his competitors have put their feet in their mouths trying to discover a chink in his armor. So far, he hasn't revealed it.

As a black candidate, he knows all too well that the slightest flash of anger would threaten white voters and drive them away from his message. No worry; except for a borderline snide remark toward Hilary Clinton during a debate, he's not shown the slightest bit of temper.

He's been remarkably level-headed and avoided the divisive language of "small towns. vs. big cities" and "anti-American vs. pro-American" that his opponents have exploited.

In short, he's run a campaign that proves he's a thoughtful, even-keeled politician willing to listen to both sides of an issue.

Very cool.

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