Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The 10 Best Rolling Stones Songs

Dear Blogrizzard,
I'm a 40 year old white man with little innate sense of rhythm. What are your 10 favorite Rolling Stones songs? Thanks in advance,

Paul, I'd be happy to share my list with you. Here are my favorites, in descending order:

10. Get Off My Cloud - insolent and confrontational, with a great Jagger vocal
9. Ruby Tuesday - the Stones channel the Beatles in a lush tune fleshed out with flute, piano, and sitar
8. Happy - Keef takes the lead vocal on his signature tune. Great driving guitar throughout, with Mick singing backup
7. Monkey Man - Epic screaming from Mick
6. Tumbling Dice - The flexible guitar intro sets up a great groove complete with gospel background vocals
5. Let's Spend the Night Together - An urgent piano and an insistent drum lay out the Stones horniest tune
4. Street Fighting Man - Who knew acoustic guitar could sound so ominous?
3. Jumpin' Jack Flash - Textbook Stones
2. Honky Tonk Women - The cowbell intro is sacred and Keef's pinched guitar chords give the song a slow sensuality
1. Brown Sugar - Politically incorrect lyrics, a classic guitar riff, and a memorable outro add up to the quintessential Stones song

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