Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Pittsburgh Tradition

North Beach has the best Italian food in San Francisco.

But what if you want something a little more... Pittsburgh-y?

We found the perfect spot! It's called Giordano Bros.

What's this "Pittsburgh Tradition" they speak of?

It means your sandwich is packed with french fries and cole slaw (known as the All-In-One). Yum.

Here's a review:

"I went to the University of Pittsburgh and lived a 3 minute walk to the nearest Primanti's and I gotta tell you its like a piece of home having a Primanti Bros. sandwich in San Francisco. Anyone who has not had the chance to eat one of these sandwiches needs to get one immediately.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the sandwich is all in one, it was so the crane drivers at the steel mills could eat their lunch with one hand and work with the other."


Weezie said...

Oh my gawd! Yinz got a Primanti's sammich 'n'at all da wayz over there? What meatage did you have on the sammich with yinz fries and slaw--the classic beefsteak? a cap 'n' cheese? Was it between thick slice of real Eyetalian bread?

grizzard said...

no, sadly we were on our way to another spot, Sodini's, so we had to pass up on the all-in-one...

i'm intrigued, though!

Mike & KK said...

As we're learning, you can't do it all. if we'd stopped at every museum or historical marker we might still be in Missouri.