Thursday, July 31, 2008

More San Francisco

Shots from around the city.

John's Grill is the former "home" of the Maltese Falcon (it was actually a setting in the novel). The googie sign is ultra-cool.

The large group of people are in Union Square, queuing for a cable car. I'm sure it was a 2 hour wait. Notice how everyone is dressed — jackets and sweaters. Remember, this was photographed in mid-July, people.


Anonymous said...

OK, I am jealous, this blog is way too creative and clever. Cami, my favs were you with your hand in the large purse(wondering what is inside), you, Starbucks, and the bridge, and the legs in the ballet pose. and I forgot Moma with the moon glasses(could have been the best/most clever...M is a poser)
David you were handsome in your pics. karen c

Mike & KK said...

What can we say, you rock. Both of you and your little cats too. Glad ya'll had a good trip, we are doing so as well. Can't wait till C.D. gets my postcard,HA!