Friday, February 1, 2008

Unintended Consequences

Some folks love Jesus so much, it's creepy.

For more wacky album covers, check out this site.


Anonymous said...

Is nothing sacred to you? My mother gave me that same album when I went off to a christian college to prepare myself to be an evangelist, and many were the Sat. nights that I listened to it as I shined my shoes and filled in my quarterly lesson. It was broken when I clutched it to my breast in defense as a rabid premillinialist hurled a copy of The Good News For Modern Man toward me during a debate in DeCatuer, TX.

Richard said...

"The Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Adventures" looks like fun. That audio sample of "The Kris Kringle Adventure" sounds like good cheese. Having been a fan of that show at a young age, I'm surprised I didn't own that.