Friday, February 8, 2008

Dying For One’s Art

If you've spent any time on the University of Oklahoma campus in the last 10 years, you've probably noticed this flamboyant sculpture of a mustang with flaming red eyes.

It was the work of one Luis Jiménez, a noted Hispanic-American artist from Texas.

Jiménez was killed in 2006, when a larger version of this mustang sculpture fell and crushed him in his studio. This is such a strange and ironic way for an artist to die that I'll just leave you to mull it over for yourself, without further comment.

His daughter, Elisa, was a contestant on Project Runway, Season Four. She was the crazy gal who spat upon her fabric instead of drawing chalk lines.

Both father and daughter seem to be accident-prone. On an episode of P.R., Elisa described being hit by a car while trying to cross a street in London. Advice to Americans visiting England: before crossing the street, look to your RIGHT. The cars don't travel in the same lanes as they do in America. In case you forget, the Brits paint "LOOK RIGHT" in big white letters on the road surface, just to give Americans a sporting chance.

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