Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Knotts’ Landing

If you're like me, you spend an inordinate amount of time reflecting on the career of Don Knotts. This West Virginia native won 5 Emmy awards for his portrayal of Barney Fife on "The Andy Griffith Show," and went on to star as "Three's Company" landlord Ralph Furley. Were he born 2 generations earlier, his appearance and physicality could have made him a silent film star; but television proved to be the ideal stage for his nervous, bumbling (yet Napoleonic) characters.

Why not take some time to check out his first television appearance?

From 1951, watch Don Knotts try his hand at drama, on a 15 minute episode of "Search For Tomorrow." Maybe it's our own hindsight, but this natural comedian manages to be funny even in a serious turn.

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