Friday, February 8, 2008

Clichés Worth Retiring #1

The phrase "not your mother’s ________."

"Not your grandmother’s ________."

This tired line, once sassy and forward-thinking, has devolved into a catch-all catch-phrase lazy writers employ to impress gullible youngish women. Want to put a hip spin on some new brand of iced tea? Tell the world it's "not your mother's iced tea!"

If you've got a masochistic streak, try these links. Though I list but a few, trust me, I could list hundreds:

Not your mother's breast milk
Not Your Mother's Computer Virus
Not Your Mother's Barbie
Not your mother's sex talk
Not Your Mother's Hockey Puck
Not Your Mother's LDS Music 2
Not Your Mother's Disiderata
Not your mother's mobile home

One thing is for certain: in the tortured land of Cliché-dom, "not your mother’s ________" is certainly not your mother’s tired old cliché.

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