Monday, October 1, 2007

We No Longer Hate One Another

Three Van Halens and one Roth kicked off their reunion tour in Charlotte Saturday night.

The Rolling Stone account mentioned grown men reduced to tears... (sniff, sniff) I'd be one of them!

Way back when, the dynamic between Roth and Eddie Van Halen was akin to seeing Al Jolson onstage with Paganini (well, kind of). Eddie was a six-string savant who completely re-invented the way rock guitar was played. Roth was a glorified busker with a compulsion for keeping your bowl lit and your drink filled. Oh, and incidentally, they despised one another. Their egos and addictions kept them apart for 23 years, but, with retirement age just around the corner, it's time to kiss & make some coin!

Somehow, though, I seriously doubt the reformed Van Halen (with the humbly-named Wolfgang Van Halen on bass) will keep it together to finish this tour...

Stay tuned, though! I once thought Britney would get to keep her kidz!


johnNokc said...

Iz that David Lee Roth? M'gawd, he looks like a pimp. And as for Eddie, he's giving Willie some stiff competition in the ugli dept.

grizzard said...

Give Roth a handlebar moustache and a pompadour and he's Rip Taylor.

I don't think Eddie is even 50 yet, but he's really starting to look like Samuel Beckett.