Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Grizz Reviews His 10 Most Awesome Cities

1. San Francisco
Awesome fogs, awesome hills, awesome bridges. Totally awesome!

2. Montreal
The French/English thing? Completely awesome. They've got some awesome things going on up there.

3. Barcelona
Awesome. One lady said that this wasn't an awesome city. I deem that information false.

4. Paris
The Eiffel Tower? Awesome. The Louvre? Awesome. When it's all said and done, an awesome city.

5. New York
Awesomely sweet people.

6. Rome
Awesome Italian food. The women are awesomely beautiful. Awesome town!

7. Nairobi
Exotically awesome. Awesome way of life over there. Awesome people who view life in an awesome way. The exchange rate worked out in my favor.

8. London
Awesome people! Awesome hamburger sandwiches, truly the most awesome I've had anywhere.

9. Amsterdam
The airport? In a word, awesome! Didn't see much else.

10. Austin
Funky, awesome vibe. Awesome and cool people with an awesomely unshakable, funky vibe. Hot, dry and awesome.

Next Week: The 10 Most Awesome Camaros of the 1970's


johnNokc said...

I haven't been to all the cities on your list, but will take your word for it. Btw, IMHO the description of Rome could also be said of New York, but not vice versa.

grizzard said...

You're AWESOME, dude!

grizzard said...

This little experiment was based on my time at Oklahoma Christian. The students took a lot of mission trips to pretty interesting places, but if you asked them to describe their adventures, invariably all you get was "It was awesome!"