Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ron Mueck in Fort Worth

Traveled down to Ft. Worth Saturday to check out the Ron Mueck exhibit at the Ft. Worth Moma.

Mueck once worked in film and tv, but turned his full attention to fine arts about 10 years ago. His work is known for hyper-realistic detail and jarring scale.

I wondered how I'd react seeing his work in person. Would it be cold and technical, the work of an artisan, not an artist?


Confronted with one of his sculptures (and "confronted" is the correct word; you physically approach his work as if on a dare), you strangely feel your own humanity diminish. As you study the pores on the skin, the bristly hairs inside the ears, and the long forms of the limbs, you feel more like an insect buzzing around than a human being. It's an amazing phenomenon to which photos simply can't do justice.

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