Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meet South Carolina Republicanism

Republican Joe Wilson shouts down the President during a nationally-televised address to Congress. Aggressive, in-your-face attacks have characterized the health care debate in this country, and apparently, this Republican has abandoned all decorum. Thankfully, even his political friends condemned his actions, and he quickly tried to hit the "undo" keys with a formal apology.

Sidebar for Christians: Just try and imagine Jesus Christ shouting down someone for because he feared they would provide health care for illegal immigrants. Even more, just try to imagine Jesus referring to someone as an "illegal immigrant." All this stuff in the Bible about "who is my neighbor?" It's lip service, y'all.

Mark Sanford was black and white in his condemnation of Bill Clinton's behavior. But when it comes to his own shortcomings, he's all about "forgiveness," and none-too-shy about invoking God's name to reassure the Cracker voting base in his state that he's still holier than thou.

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