Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fania, 99 Years Old

photo from Ari ad advancedstyle

From the advancedstyle blog:

"I saw this wonderful woman at the movie theater and asked if I could take her photo. She told me that she was 99 years old and has lived in Manhattan her whole life. Fania is a Fabric designer and has worked with many studios throughout her long career.She has had most of her clothes for many years and always dresses up. While standing on the street corner, she pointed out buildings to me, and told me stories about what they used to look like."

Advancedstyle, by Ari, is an on-the-street fashion photography blog, but with a twist: the photos focus on seniors with a great sense of personal style.

Ari also shares occasional stories about his subjects. The stories are usually quite touching. Ari seems like a sensitive individual who, in searching for flashes of senior dignity and style, often finds extraordinary new friends.

It's a great site, click here to visit: link

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