Wednesday, September 16, 2009

American Health Care, In A Nutshell

Let me put it simply:

In the United States, if you are wealthy, you are entitled to comprehensive health care.

If you are poor, you're up the creek. Sorry. Don't you wish you were rich?

Quick Quiz: Name one other wealthy, civilized country that dooms her poor to such shame and misery.

Yet, if anyone in the U.S. attempts to challenge this disgrace, they're quickly branded an anti-American. A Socialist. A Marxist. A Nazi. Just look at the signs being hoisted by the fat and happy folk benefitting from the status quo.

Why are those most opposed to health care reform members of the White majority?Haven't they been educated in the best public school systems? Aren't they most likely to land high paying jobs, the kind that come with some kind of health insurance?

Why are they so loathe to even entertain the idea of extending guaranteed health care benefits to the weakest Americans?

Do you ever see people of color at these anti-healthcare rallies? There's racism at work here, and it's pretty hard to ignore. If I'm wrong, show me some dark faces at these rallies.

Are we White folk simply afraid those lazy, unproductive minorities might get some free goodies at our expense?
Why aren't we protesting other forms of Socialism, like a paid police force, or public libraries? Why aren't we outraged by the taxes spent to maintain our fire department?

Here's a scenario: let's just eliminate all taxes, full stop. Let the Free Market rule. Stop all social services. No more Medicare. No more Medicaid. No more arts funding. No public schools. Check your history. This is what Republicans dream about.

If you've got money, you're going to be fine. If you don't — sorry, pal! It's social Darwinism, as practiced by Bible-thumping Christians.

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