Saturday, September 6, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast…

Pebbles the Cat is becoming a big girl now. But she's still playful, and she purrs a lot.

When I finish my shower and swing the curtain open, she hops up on the bathtub rim and licks all the water off my leg while purring loudly.

She's very furry. Her ruff is regal. She only eats dry food. She never tries to sneak outside. She poops in my plants. I think she misses her brother. She only drinks water out of a people cup. She's one years old. She was found wandering around with her littermates at Lake Arcadia. She was adopted last Halloween. She greets me when I come home with lots of cat talk. When I say her name, she flicks her tail wildly, even if she's pretending to be asleep.

I only call her "Pebbles" during official business, like trips to the vet. Usually I call her "Pebby," "Baby Cat," "Lil' Baby Cat," "Baby Girl," or "Ki-Ki."

The omnipresent sense of guilt I feel for not spending more time with her only confirms my suspicion that I'd be a mediocre parent at best.


Weezie said...

Pebby is sweet! A young lady, indeed.

It's hard to believe that we got our Simon over ten years ago! He is now a "senior kiti-zen," as my husband says.

Red said...

Pebbles, whom I sometimes refer to as Rembrandt Van Rijn, because of her Dutch Masters-like ruff, also likes to destroy her favorite toy ( a feather on a string), so her "daddy" has to store it in the refrigerator! Good girl!

Marija said...

Thank you a lot for putting my blog in your "Land o' Links" list. Much appreciated. :)