Sunday, September 21, 2008

All Growed Up: Gary Puckett

Singer Gary Puckett had a string of hits in the late sixties, including "Lady Willpower," "Woman,Woman," and "Young Girl," a creepy song with lyrics that could have been written by Humbert Humbert.

He's still performing today, hitting the high notes and looking remarkably youthful for a 66-year old man. If he's had plastic surgery, one certainly can't tell from his photo.

For persepective, consider this: he's one year younger than Dick Cheney.

What gives?


Weezie said...

A year younger than Cheney? Where's the evil grimace? Where's the mechanical heart? (Well, in Cheney's case it's not actually a "heart" but more of a mechanical life-pumping device.)

grizzard said...

Very simple... Puckett chose a life of song!

Plus, Cheney had a heart attack at age 36 (!)