Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Abstinence-Only Education, In Action!

Well, so much for abstinence-only education. The Religious Right loves the story of redneck hockey dude and Bristol Palin's heaven-sent love story. In reality, these two poor saps are being strong-armed into a 1920's-style soul-crushing marriage designed to paint a Disney-style happy ending to their teenage fling.


Weezie said...

What if the Obamas had a teen-aged daughter?

And, what if she were knocked up?

Would the Obamas enjoy the same outpouring of Christian love and support?

Or would they be judged by a different standard?

I'm just sayin'.

johnNokc said...

Of the young Palin trollop, the right wing nut jobs are saying, "Isn't it wonderful, she's keeping the baby." Of either Obama daughter the same crazies would be saying (sometime in the future, of course) "Is it any surprise that the ho' got knocked up. Imagine! Another black single mother!"

I don't think there's anyone anywhere that's more mean-spirited and hypocritical than the Jesus thumpers. And I think those people should know that Jesus is taking names!

Weezie said...

I really do hope that at the end of it all Jesus will call bullshit on the thumpers.

And thank you for "trollop."

johnNokc said...

You're welcome. Yes indeedy, it does appear that the bastard-carrying Palin already got her ballot box stuffed.