Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Frat Boy-In-Chief

Is it any wonder the United States:

• Is currently embroiled in two unwinnable wars?
• Has lost prestige across the world?
• Is in the midst of a housing meltdown?
• Is $10 trillion in debt?


Weezie said...

But he hasn't been busted with a mistress, so it's all good.

johnNokc said...

It's undoubtedly the most accurate photorepresentation of President Shit-for-brains I've yet to see.

B Wood said...

What you're not seeing occurred one second after the shutter snapped that photo, where Laura's right hand made contact with the President's right hand and she was heard to whisper "Dammit, George, quit embarrassing us. I'm having the bartender cut you off!"