Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Brave Woman

Christina Applegate has revealed she underwent a double mastectomy after her breast cancer diagnosis.

Though the cancer was isolated to one breast, she opted to go "radical."

For any woman, this must be a harrowing decision. Since the dawn of time, breasts have been a symbol of fertility, sexuality, and femininity itself. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she has to grapple with these complications as she fights for her life.

Applegate, who rose to fame as a nubile sex symbol on "Married With Children," made a tough, brave decision that may ultimately inspire many other women extend their own lives.

Do breasts make a woman a "woman?" Absolutely not.

Get well, Christina, and may you have a long and healthy life!

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B Wood said...

I read a recent interview of hers after she underwent her surgery, and she seemed very upbeat about it all. She remarked how she will now have the "best breasts in the nursing home" alluding to some future enhancements.