Saturday, August 2, 2008

Folks, We Have A New #1

Rafa Nadal will indeed usurp Roger Federer and become the #1 tennis player in the world.

Roger has completely lost his way. Nadal has gotten into his brain, and rearranged all the gray matter and ooze, leaving The Fed floating aimlessly, like a ship lost at sea.

Advice for Roger: adopt a belligerent tone. Complain loudly to the chair ump everytime Rafa takes more than 30 seconds between serves. It's kind of a dirty trick, but it just might work!

More advice for Roger: hit the gym, skip the Olympics, and stop wearing the Wimbledon sweater. You look soft and comfortable. You're the best in the world. Don't let a Spaniard wearing white capri pants dominate you!

Advice nugget #3: hang in there and wait for Rafa to self-destruct. The way he plays, he's bound to hurt hisself.


Mike & KK said...

Roger, we barely knew ye. and now where is your head? I had work from Clark that he'd lost, but wasn't aware it meant losing #1, alas.........
After leaving camp MXA spotted an eagle's nest atop a electrical pole. When I drove by they were still there, awesome! A little too far away for a good pic, but a great hi-lite!!

Anonymous said...

Great advice, Grizz! If I may add one more: get a coach that will kick your Swiss butt and give you specific tactics. Then, actually put those tactics to use against Rafa. Oh, I guess that was two more. I just hope we haven't lost Roger forever, that he hasn't gone Bjorn Borg on us, after what has been a series of devastating losses.