Monday, February 1, 2010

Confidence or Arrogance?

For Roger Federer, it's a bit of both. Here are some quotes from his post-Championship press conference, 2010 Australian Open:

• I always knew I had something special.
• I think this has been one of my finest performances, you know, in a long time, or maybe forever.
• You know, I’ve dominated hard court and grass for a long time.
• It’s just not an easy thing to do, Grand Slams, and I proved it again tonight.
• I’m professional the way I’m supposed to be.
• [On his opponent, Andy Murray] You wish, you know, only the best for him.

Usually, comments like those suggest some sort of overcompensation. But in Federer's case, I think he really does indeed inhabit some strange world of unshakable confidence and high self-approval. Which is why it can be hard to relate to him.

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