Monday, February 22, 2010

Carlos Páez Vilaró

I love this man's work. Painting, sculpture, ceramics, architecture, music -- he's dabbled in everything.

Casa Pueblo, in his home country of Uraguay. Vilaró wanted to create a sculpture one could live in, so he created this lovely, organic home studio. It's now a tourist attraction and hotel. I hope to visit someday.

So simple, but so observant...

A radiant, South American sun.

This recent series really grabbed me. I love the bold, black outlines. I love the bright yellow areas sitting next to the muted, almost autumnal color fields... I love the subtle stenciled numbers and letters that tie the pieces together.

Still a very handsome and vital man well into his late 80s.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love Paez Vilaro too, I have a lot of things of him. I went to Uruguay and I bought one of his plates with the sun at , it´s amazing, I love it. I reccomend him. Regards from Sweden. Damian