Monday, February 9, 2009


A-Rod admits he used steroids! Unbelievable!

Seriously, at what point do we just decide to throw away the record books and start over? A-Rod is chasing the record of Barry Bonds, who was clearly juiced while pursuing the record of Hank Aaron, who broke the record of an overweight guy who ate dozens of hot dogs in one sitting. What records are we going to legitimize?

Though he's no longer top cat, Babe Ruth was clearly the greatest home run hitter in baseball history. In his era, few hitters managed 20 homers a year; in fact, some teams didn't even hit as many in a season as the Bambino.

But let's not overlook Hammerin' Hank. I was fortunate enough to see him play at the tail end of his career. He was playing for the Brewers at the time, and when he took the field I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was any bigger than the other guys. He was kind of stumpy looking at the time, in fact. But somehow, he managed to hit a ton of home runs, even during the dead ball era of the late 60's.

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