Friday, February 6, 2009

Recent Work

Recent posters I've designed, all pro bono, and all publicizing creative events. These are some of my favorite projects, because you don't have to worry about "dumbing down" the visual solution.

For a small chamber ensemble performance of a Schubert-focused program. Schubert epitomizes Vienna, so Viennese architectural features dress up the black space at the bottom. Undulating waves of lines suggest a musical staff unfurling across the horizon, and help soften the top/bottom color break.

Call for entries for a university literary and art journal. The idea was to graphically represent the jumble of ideas and images that writers, poets and artists chew on during the creative process.

For a small chamber ensemble performance. "Auf dem Strom" means "On the Stream." The large amount of typographic information is balanced with an abstract intrepretation of a stream running through the center of the poster.

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johnNokc said...

Nice work. I mean, really nice work!