Friday, June 6, 2008

Design Competition: Big Box Store

My latest design competition: redesign the exterior of Wal-Mart, the blandest of bland big box stores.

My idea is to construct the facade using the empty shipping containers. You know what these are -- they're the big, colorful metal crates left behind each time Wal-Mart receives another boatload of merchandise from China, our communist trading partner in the Far East.

The "SuperContainerCenter," as I'm tentatively calling it, achieves several objectives:

• It reappropriates unusable materials (the shipping crates)
• The steel exterior easily withstands the hurricanes and tornadoes of the Deep South
• It provides a cheekily ironic reminder of where all of our manufacturing jobs have gone

To all the haters out there: if you say my redesign is "ugly," think about this: the construction savings alone will allow Wal-Mart to shave at least nine cents off the price of an economy-sized bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo. Now that's something all Americans can rally around!

Viva la redesign!

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