Friday, April 18, 2008

Rumor Central

Cal Ripken, Jr. again denied the persistent rumor that he once decked buddy Kevin Costner for engaging in a lil' seventh-inning stretch with his wife, Kelly Ripken.

The rumor is uncommonly juicy. From

Cal Ripken, Jr. was allowing Kevin Costner, the actor, to stay at his house, following the wrap of "The Postman". One day, Ripken left for Camden Yards to play in a game. Somewhere between his home and the stadium, Cal realized that he had left something back at his house, and turned back to retrieve it. Upon arriving at his home, he found Kevin Costner in bed with his wife, Kelly. Cal then proceeded to beat the crap out of Costner, to the point that Costner was unable to make any publicity opportunities for a time. Cal then called the Orioles, and told them he wouldn't be coming in to play that day. Upon hearing this, the owner reminded Cal about his streak, telling him The Streak would end if he didn't play that day. Cal told him it was impossible for him to come in, so there went the streak. Reportedly, the owner told him not to worry, because he would take care of it. That night, the game was cancelled due to "electrical failure" with some lights on the field. The caller said that there was no problem with the lights, that everything else, including the hotels and restaurants that are part of Camden Yards, worked perfectly. The next day, the lights were fixed, Cal was able to play, and the streak stayed intact.

Despite the denials, many with tangential connections to the Baltimore Police Dept. claim something untoward indeed went down at the Ripken house during a Costner visit. And the Orioles did indeed cancel a game with the Mariners due to "electrical failure."

One so-called insider writes:

i used to work at the stadium in the late 90’s. i occasionally worked with a lady in the baltimore police dept. she confirmed through her counterparts the police were called to the ripken household for a domestic disturbance and costner was at the house…as for ripken decking him i do not know…its quite possible the power went out at camden yards, ripken went home and found costner with his wife who may have had no idea that the power was out at the stadium and the game would not be played.

Costner has certainly been involved in shenanigans before. Remember this story?

We may never know the truth... but what a rumor!

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