Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oklahoma City Landmark Tower Competition

Exciting news!

I'm officially announcing a competition to design a landmark tower for the city of Oklahoma City. No entries, please. The contest is over; my submission has won.

I call it "The Stake." Meant to symbolize the fact that Oklahoma City was settled in a single day in 1889 by those "staking" their claim, this gleaming titanium structure takes architectural inspiration from a single, flagged stake driven into the ground.

I sure wish we could make it rise 1,889 feet into the air, but that seems ambitious. Instead, let's shoot for 889 feet.

A space age fabric streamer ribbon (the same color as the red earth of central Oklahoma) waves in the wind... this simple touch makes The Stake a piece of living, kinetic sculpture. When strong winds sweep across the city, the streamer ribbon will come to life.

I think I could build this for around $200 million. Any takers?

Seriously, this is a pretty good idea, no? It's iconic. It speaks to the history of Oklahoma City. It's functional (it tells you which way the wind blows!). It's humble. It's architecturally unique.

Let's make this happen!

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Weezie said...

And it is phallic, the number-one criterion for a monument or landmark.