Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Impressions of the Kansas City

The Kansas City wants to be like Chicago, the same way Philadelphia wants to be New York. Unfortunately, it can't be and will never be, but that's ok, because it's just fine the way it is. The skyline looks like a scene from a 1940's movie. The big buildings are all limestone and art deco. There is one gorgeous new building downtown, the HR Block headquarters. It's shapely like a bloated football. HR Block is actually named for HR Bloch, but nobody knew how to pronouce "Bloch" correctly, so they changed it.


Weezie said...

More proof that all names should be Americanized. Would HR have been a success with that foreign name? I think not. English only, my friends, English only.

johnNokc said...

The company is actually named for brothers Henry and Richard Bloch, who are listed as co-founders