Friday, May 7, 2010


"Glee" fans know her as the ditzy Cheerio, but Heather Morris is a tremendous dancer. She got her first big break with Beyoncé, and she's spirited and energetic in this clip.

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Red said...

That's some dancin', ya'll! For the record, I can still do everything these dancers did. But. Not in those shoes. Nope. My favorite recent lines from Brittany's character on Glee: "Did you know dolphins are gay sharks?" "I"m pretty sure my cat is reading my diary." "When I pulled a muscle in Cheerio practice, I went to see a misogynist." "I have a cold and took all my antibiotics at once. Now I can't remember how to leave." Somehow, she gives us a new twist on the old dumb blonde routine! Thanks, Heather!