Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Places I Miss: Quincy Park, Parkersburg, WV

I'd spent an entire year in Parkersburg before discovering this jewel of a park. It's a bit off the beaten track, not that easy to find (if you're not a local), but the view is glorious.

The park overlooks downtown Parkersburg, the Ohio River, and Belpre, Ohio, just across the river.

The view from Quincy Park inspires me to seek out the most stunning, panoramic views of any city I visit. These photographs, found on Flickr, are wonderful, and capture a charming side of the old city of Parkersburg.

When I climbed the picturesque steps of Montmarte, in Paris, I thought, "This reminds me of Quincy Park" (only not as steep).

I look at these pictures and I'm 19 again, sitting on a park bench with friends, gazing off into the horizon, wondering where life will lead us...

photos by Andrew & Courtney Holbrook


JDS said...

Great to see someone that appreciates Quincy Park as much as I. I spent alot of time up there with friends and by myself. I moved away for college, but every time I come home, I try and get up there. Now that it looks as though I may be moving back, I can't wait to get my excercise running the steps, and watching the sun set there. Hard to beat. Thanks for the oics. Great job!

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